About us


Agrokémia Sellye is one of the leading Hungarian custom manufacturers of crop protection chemicals since 1964.

Being one of the oldest currently functioning chemical production units in the country, Agrokémia Sellye inherits priceless experience of almost 50 years of best traditions in research, development and manufacturing of agrochemical products.

Located in Sellye, near Pecs – local center of the southern part of Hungary – the factory enjoys the status of the biggest employer in the region due providing work places for more than 200 local inhabitants. In 2012 total investments into our production site took more than 2 500 000 Euro.

Areas of our operation include R&D activities resulting in but not limited with synthesis of active ingredients, production and packing of wide range of crop protection agents (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and rodenticides) and some other selected types of chemicals.

aboutus_small1Since 2002 ISO9002:1994 Quality Management System has been applied at Agrokémia Sellye. ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008 were introduced at our factory in 2003 and 2009 respectively. We are intended to produce top-quality products, which respond to high demands of the global market and international standards in the sphere of chemical industry.


logoAt present, the enterprise is an active member of Hungarian Association for Chemical Industry (MKE) . Also the factory was among the founders and currently is a member of Hungarian Organization for Collecting and Processing of Packing Polluted with Chemicals (CSEBER). Our factory is the regional center for collecting and storing of used plastic packing materials.


aboutus_small3“Agrokémia Sellye” enjoys an outstanding business reputation and high level of trust among world leading companies – producers and distributors of chemicals. During the history of successful operating at the market of chemical products, we have built strong and stable relationships with the companies-partners all over the world, including such regions as Western, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. The distribution of our products is successfully carried out both at the local and global markets.

Our history

aboutus2The history of our enterprise is the history of constant growth and development of our manufacturing facilities. Agrokémia Sellye was established as Agrokémia Industrial Cooperative by 3 enthusiastic and dedicated companions in 1964. The factory started its activities with the production of plastic containers and packing materials. Further, the company shifted to the manufacturing of household chemicals.

During 1970-1980 a special law was adopted in Hungary, which strongly determined the process of manufacturing and trading of chemicals on the territory of the country. According to this law, the companies could import active ingredients only; product formulations had to be manufactured locally. At the same time, Agrokémia Sellye started to cooperate with Shell multinational corporation. During that period Shell supplied the active ingredients to Agrokémia Sellye, where formulation services were done and end-products were oriented to Hungarian market. The cooperation with Shell has influenced on the decision to expand the industrial profile of enterprise on manufacturing of crop protection products.

A new manufacturing unit with store, boiler house and machinery for production of crop protection products was built in the eastern side of the factory between 1978 and 1981.

In the period of 1987-1992 the factory increase its technical possibilities by building laboratory, repairing facility and unit for production of pharmaceutical ingredients (fillers). Further, the company went through the process of administrative reorganization and since 1992 it operates as a private joint-stock company.