Ecology and Corporate Social Responsibility

We are fully aware of the high level of social and environmental responsibility we bear as a manufacturer of chemicals.ecology1 

Our ecological responsibility for the process of production means:

button Minimization of the risks connected with environmental pollution;

button Modernization of the machinery, infrastructure and usage of latest, environmentally friendly technologies assigned to

reduce the negative impact on surroundings; 

button Equipment of the enterprise with purgative devices (facilities) and storehouses for temporary containing of production wastes;

button Elaboration and successful implementation of the used agricultural plastic container take-back program;

button Following the principles of efficient water and land use, reduced energy consumption and biodiversity conservation.

Corporate social responsibility

We hire exceptional people and constantly invest in their growth. The aim of the company is to create the most comfortable, safe and encouraging environment for all the members of our team and to enable them to develop their personal capabilities and reach full potential.

As one of the largest employers in the region, Agrokémia Sellye is guided by a number of principles:

button Follow fair employment practice law;

button Maintain the highest health and safety (HS) standards. Certified by ISO 9001 we established our management systems, operational and manufacturing

standards according to the strictest HS requirements.

button Regularly implement accident prevention programs, occupational safety trainings and special HS monitoring system, which allows to prevent any

accidents cause both due violation of HS rules and equipment failure;

button Stimulate and support education, career enhancement and qualification improvement, respect and develop creative potential of our employees.

button Contribute and invest into development of local communities.

 Our policy

ecology2Another prior principle of our activity is minimization of the risks, connected with environmental pollution. The process of production at Agrokémia Sellye could be characterized as following:

button The process of production is carried out in guidelines with strict official ecological standards

and norms;

button Usage of modern technological devices reduces the amount of wastes and emissions;

button The program of effective consumption of the resources was elaborated and is successfully

implemented at our factory;

button Cooperation only with well-known and solid suppliers assures the high quality of delivered

and processed raw materials and ingredients;

button We pay close attention to health of inhabitants and ecological situation in the region.